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Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing peaceful massage. A decade ago, a trip to a Spa was an indulgence only for the rich & famous where Spas focused primarily on beauty & pampering. But not anymore. Today, people are much better educated about the health & wellness benefits of massage. Its no wonder millions of people all around the world are receiving a professional massage on a regular basis.

Whether it’s at a Spa, a massage center, the mall or even between flights at the airport, a professional massage is a true indulgence and promotes positive mental health & physical well being.

However … there’s one thing about receiving a professional massage that can cause a bit of hesitation for some people …

And that‘s when it comes time to put our face into the face cradle. This reluctance can be caused for a variety of reasons, depending on the person. It could be something as simple as a comfort issue. Or maybe it’s a concern regarding germs, or they could be concerned about their complexion and worried about putting their sensitive skin into direct contact with certain fabrics or laundry detergent chemicals. But no matter what the reason, the concern is real for that person .

Well, now there’s a wonderful new product that can put anyone’s mind at ease & will definitely make your massage even more relaxing than ever before. It’s called SPA POCKET & it's the first & only luxurious personal face cradle cover with a special pocket that was designed specifically for people who enjoy massage …

Spa Pocket is functional.

· Having your SPA POCKET with you whenever you get a massage provides you a soft & luxurious personal place to rest your face during your massage.

· The hanging pocket serves as a convenient place to keep personal items close at hand during your massage, such as tissue, aromatherapy, jewelry, cell phone, and even your earbuds . Now you can listen to your favorite music during your massage.

Spa Pocket is hygienic :

It wraps completely around the face cradle to provide you with personal space that no one has ever had their face on before, except you.

And the pocket hangs down to create an extra protective barrier between your mouth and chin & any exposed table hardware.

And Spa Pocket is fun.

It comes in a variety of styles to choose from so there’s one for every personality.

And Spa Pocket is convenient. When your massage is over, the entire unit folds up neatly into the pocket & closes with a drawstring, which makes it easy to transport and convenient to carry in a purse or clothing pocket. And all Spa Pockets are machine wash & dry, so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Spa Pocket also makes a great slipcover for those U-Shaped Travel neck pillows we all have, too. Just slip your Spa Pocket over your travel neck pillow for a luxuriously clean and fresh pillowcase. Keep must have items close at hand in the pocket during your travels and use the pocket as a filter for your nose and mouth against stuffy smells on airplanes, trains, buses.

Spa Pocket makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys getting a massage. Think of all the people you know who would love one of their very own. It makes a perfect holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift. It’s the perfect couples wedding gift or bridal party gift. You can even tuck a Spa gift card inside Spa Pocket to make it an extra special gift for someone! And what about that person who’s hard to buy for or already has everything? Wouldn’t they love a Spa Pocket?

Spa Pocket is perfect for anyone who enjoys a professional massage. And just when you thought your massage couldn’t get any better.

Spa Pocket ... for a clean, cozy & even more wonderful massage than ever before.

Order yours today at SpaPocket.com.