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Who doesn’t love to get a nice relaxing massage. A decade ago, a trip to a Spa was an indulgence only for the rich and famous … and most Spa visits focused primarily on beauty and pampering. But not anymore.Today, people are much better educated about the health & wellness benefits of receiving a professional massage. It’s no wonder millions of people all around the world are receiving professional massage services on a regular basis .

Sometimes it’s at a spa or massage center …and sometimes it’s more convenient at a mall or maybe between flights at the airport where they use a comfortable massage chair. But regardless of where you are, a professional massage is a true indulgence and promotes positive mental health and physical well-being. However … there’s one thing about receiving a professional massage that can cause hesitation …

And that ‘s when it’s time to put our face into the dreaded face cradle … … or what we call the NO ZONE!

It’s a simple medical fact that most germs are transmitted through our eyes, nose and mouth. Yet, when it comes to getting a professional massage, people who are usually health-conscientious do one of the most unhealthy things they can possible do …

They put their entire face directly into the face cradle where hundreds of other people have had their face!

Many times, there’s nothing more than a thin piece of tissue or paper towel to put your face on during your massage… and that’s simply not enough to protect you from germs that may be left behind from other customers … or whatever may have been there before you. And many times, the massage therapist will even take the face cradle off and place it in the floor, where it picks up even more germs!

While most spas change the linens between customers, it’s simply not enough to protect you from germs that may be lingering behind from others. Exposed areas of the table and face cradle hardware can still come into contact with our eyes, nose and mouth.

Here are just a few examples of a standard massage table face cradle. It’s easy to see the exposed areas that could harbor germs… areas where previous clients have coughed, sneezed or drooled. It’s no wonder this is a concern to many people. While the linens may have been changed between customers, there’s no guarantee the exposed hardware has been properly sanitized between customers.

Well, now there’s a wonderful solution that will definitely make your massage worry-free. It’s called the SPA POCKET and it's the first & only personal face cradle cover made specifically with you in mind … so you can have a worry-free, clean & cozy massage every single time.

Spa Pocket is hygienic!

It wraps completely around the face cradle to cover any exposed hardware where germs may linger

The pocket hangs down to create a barrier between your eyes, nose and mouth and any exposed areas of the table or hardware

Spa Pocket is functional.

The hanging pocket also serves as a safe place to keep personal items close by during your massage, such as tissue, aromatherapy, jewelry, cell phone, and earbuds

Now You can even listen to your favorite music during your massage with Spa Pocket!

  • Spa Pocket is fun.
It comes in a variety of styles to choose from. And when your massage is over, the entire unit folds up neatly into the pocket and closes with a drawstring, which makes it easy to transport and convenient to carry in a purse or clothing pocket. And all Spa Pockets are machine wash & dry, so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Spa Pocket makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys getting a massage. Think of all the people you know who would love one of their very own. It makes a perfect holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift. It’s the perfect couples wedding gift or bridal party gift. You can even tuck a Spa gift card inside Spa Pocket to make it an extra special gift for someone! And what about that person who’s hard to buy for or already has everything? Wouldn’t they love a Spa Pocket?

Spa Pocket is perfect for anyone who enjoys a professional massage. And after all, isn’t it time you took charge of your massage?

Because clean is important to you … and where you put your face is personal.

Spa Pocket ... for a clean and cozy massage. Order yours today at SpaPocket.com.