Hi. I'm Cindy Winn. I created Spa Pocket because I L-O-V-E getting a massage AND I also L-O-V-E to travel. Who doesn't, right?

After many years of being an avid Spa-goer, both inside and outside the US, there's only one thing I don't necessarily look forward to ...
and that's when it's time to put my face into the face cradle, regardless of where I am.

Well, never again, because now there's a solution for those of us who love to get a massage but don't necessarily love the face cradle!

Spa Pocket is your very own "Personal" face cradle cover with a special pocket. It provides you with a personal & luxurious place to put your face during your massage session where no one else has ever been before. Only you.

Spa Pocket's hanging pocket serves 3 functions:

The Pocket provides an extra protective barrier between your mouth and chin with any exposed areas of the massage table/chair or it's hardware.

The hanging Pocket also serves as a convenient place to keep personal items close at hand, such as tissue, aromatherapy, jewelry, cell phone, earbuds for listening to your favorite music while you relax, etc.

After each use, simply fold the entire unit up into the Pocket and close with the drawstring for easy transportation and storage. It's
approximately the size of a folded pair of socks, so carrying it with you is a breeze in a purse, jacket/pants pocket, glove compartment, suitcase, etc. And all Spa Pockets are machine wash and dry, so you can enjoy your's for years to come.

Spa Pocket is also great for the person who enjoys traveling. If you've been in an airport, train or bus station in the past few years, you've surely seen the thousands of people who carry around their U-shaped Travel neck pillows with them. These pillows are dragged high and low, collecting germs along the way with everything they come into contact with. Spa Pocket is the perfect cozy, comfy and clean U-Shaped slipcover for those germy travel pillows! The Pocket holds small personal items close by during your travels, while the Pocket's luxuriously soft fabric can also be used as a filter for your nose and mouth against stuffy smells on airplanes, trains buses, etc.

Spa Pocket comes in a variety of great colors made out of the most comfortable fabrics you can imagine (think soft baby blanket). There’s a color for every personality.

Spa Pocket
makes both a great and thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys getting a massage and/or traveling.
I hope you LOVE your new Spa Pocket as much as I love mine.
I never leave home without it!



Please feel free to reach out to me at Cindy@SpaPocket.com if I can be of any assistance to you with your new Spa Pocket.