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I'm Cindy Piques and just like most of you my health and well-being are important to me. And now that the world has drastically changed, they are of the utmost importance.

For many years, I've been passionate about the tremendous benefits of massage therapy for my mind, body and spirit. However, as much as I've enjoyed every professional massage I've ever received, I've often found myself yearning for something more. Something that would further enhance my overall experience. This inspired me to create Massage Oasis, a one-of-a-kind personal and luxurious face cradle slipcover that takes the massage experience to the next level.

Massage Oasis is unequivocally different. It's patented design provides a luxurious place to rest your face during a massage while also providing a protective barrier from any exposed areas of the massage table hardware. The pocket’s unique flexible design can be positioned in several ways to serve as a filter from airborne germs, speech droplets, nasal discharge, respiratory viruses and saliva that can be dispersed through communication, coughs or sneezes and remain active for extended periods of time. (click here for more information)

Another fun and handy function of the pocket is to store small personal items you would like to keep close by during a session, such as face mask, eyeglasses, cell phone, earbuds, aromatherapy, jewelry, hand sanitizer, etc. Now you'll have the option of listening to your favorite music or relaxing meditation sounds during your massage.

The superior, unique and functional design of Massage Oasis meets the needs of today's massage enthusiasts and helps everyone to relax in this ever-changing world. As a passionate and thriving Virginia based entrepreneur, I truly hope you enjoy Massage Oasis. I also hope you value the innovation it provides of both luxury and protection to enhance your next massage experience.

Cindy Piques, MBA
Founder & Owner


Massage Oasis has been granted both USA Design Patent protection and USA Utility Patent protection.
*Massage Oasis is also patent protected in China and Europe.